T. Dan Nichols

T. Dan Nichols

Executive Coach / CEO Thrive Orchard LLC

I’ve been self employed my entire life, short of a few years collectively in big corporate & a non profit. The non profit woke me up to my skill set working with and coaching people at the Detroit Entrepreneurship Institute. I’ve 2 big career passions; 1 – helping people launch a business & 2 – coaching employees of any organization to get along better. Simply put, I like to work a room. I love the nuances, the way people interact.

I’ve shared with my daughter that the one upside to sarcasm is it makes you alert. It tunes you into people because you have to think quickly. I grew up in the most sarcastic family in the world. Period… I’ve got the trophy and the shirt that say so. I also grew up around a really frustrated father who often took out his anger on guess who?? The oldest son — me. Being around someone like that comes at a cost and a gain. The upside is it got me very tuned into people and their “ways”. I had to learn when to leave the house and when it was safe to stay. That taught me more than my time at the University of Michigan and all the psych and philosophy ever could have. It made me uber aware as a master people watcher. Is it a flawless superpower – hell no. Am I off sometimes – yes. But most of the time I use these gifts to understand teams and people. It makes my job fairly easy because I inhale and move forward. I take risks in interacting with people because it usually creates space for learning. 

My upbringing also made me insecure (ask my wife). Holy cannoli… the stuff we go through can make us really strong and somewhat messed up — both. It’s life and that’s how that goes.

So I’ve been doing variations of business coaching for over 20 years. I’ve also been in the entertainment industry for nearly 30. What I really really love is “working a room”. So whether it’s for building better teams or getting lots of laughs, often both – I’m in.

What I really want to know is your team. I want to help be a part of your business success. That’s something I cherish. I love powerful legacy level work. That’s what we get to do. You’ve got the team and a passion for what you’ve built or helped build and I have a crazy manic thirst to help refine what you’ve done. Together we are better than alone. What you’ve done until now only you could do. Having me come do my part is cosmic synchronicity… it’s the way it’s supposed to be. People together do better than alone – period

Mark Beeman

Mark Beeman

Executive Coach / Affiliate Coach Thrive Orchard

Mark has been working with individuals, couples, families and groups for more than a decade, helping them discover and create the life they have been searching for. In addition to his work with individuals he’s become an accomplished and intuitive team building coach working most recently with a large bank as they work through blending personnel from different work cultures – Team Building. 

As a Life and Professional Coach, Mark has an extensive background in working with Individuals and groups in the area of Addictions.  He also has an extensive background working with individuals, couples and families with life issues, including but not limited to, anxiety, depression, GLBT, addictions, social skills, employment, communications, faith, self-awareness, self-acceptance, health, death and grieving to name a few.

If you see a tall guy rolling alongside you on a BMW Bagger it might be Mark enjoying his passion – riding long distances across North America. He’s logged well over 100,000 miles over the last decade from sea to shining sea. He also might be spotted working security at Kensington Church on Sunday morning. “I’ve met and worked with a variety of coaches over the years and Mark’s more textbook background adds a layer many life coaches completely lack. He’s got a deeper understanding of how our minds work and it’ll be obvious if you ever get an opportunity to work with him directly,” says T. Dan Nichols