Do Complain

I just read an article somewhere in which the author was suggesting that complaining was for losers and it got me to thinking.

I’d put forth that if we didn’t complain we’d have little chance for introspection. Sometimes we just need to hear it for our “self”. Only when we hear it for our self can we consider the genesis of the complaint. Where the heck did that come from?? So, I say complain just be careful not to pollute. And when you complain use it as an opportunity to grow out of the victim mindset and enter into your rightful heritage as a creator. Be a creator, not a victim! Don’t use the negative moments as an opportunity to disrespect your amazing nature — you need them to grow. If you want to be polished you need to first be tumbled. Use the negative moments as the fuel to generate a better version of YOU!

Stay Grateful, Stay Motivated and Play Large T. Dan Nichols Business Launch Coach 248-541-0250