Inspiration… you never know when or where it will hit but when it does consider why it came. Consider what lesson you’re being taught. This morning it dawned on me that the greatest thing I ever got from anyone, possibly greater than life itself, is the life I get when someone believes in me. No matter where I was, no matter what I was up to, there were people that had unshakeable doubt in my potential and they let me know it. I can count on one hand who those people were but it’s a mighty hand.

Think about the power, the lasting energy someone can instill in you when they believe in you. It’s all too easy to get down on ourselves in life but knowing that someone somewhere believes in you is a force second to none. “I BELIEVE IN YOU” are 4 powerful words that keep on giving. I believe the reason these 4 words “I BELIEVE IN YOU” are so powerful is because these words involve “faith, hope and love”. It is no wonder they are powerful.

This week, call someone, text them, email then, meet with them — whatever form of communication you use and let them know you believe in them!

Stay Grateful, Stay Motivated and Play Large
Dan Nichols
Small Business Launch Coach