I was talking to my daughter…

I’ve regularly reminder since the age of 5 to be flexible. I tell her over and over again that the pickier we are in life, the harder life is on us. It’s a really simple concept. Picky people get fixated on “one way”. It goes back to the attachment conversation. Attachment is the source of a whole lot of people stuck and miserable with life.

It really goes a step further in that our world shrinks and possibility suffocates because we continually limit our options. So, like I have to remind my daughter and my “self” as well. Breathe, resign as the general manager of the universe. Surrender your need for outcome X and life will be easier on you and those around you.

I LOVE YOU ALL! (how is that for playing large and without limits)
Stay Grateful, Stay Motivated and Play Large

PS – Consider it’s the 5 year old in us as well that remains stuck. Reparent that inner child like you would your own. Tell her/him it’s ok to surrender, release, breathe and let go! AND no — I don’t do Yoga.

Dan Nichols
Business Launch Consultant
Helping Individuals and Organizations Play Large and Stay Motivated