magnum opus symphonyAn artist’s greatest work is often called his or her Magnum Opus. It means “great work” but is typically used to mean “greatest work”.

I believe the world is a symphony with all of us responsible for “our note”. What do you believe? And for purposes of this article let me define the word believe. It’s the way one thinks something, somewhere or even someone “is”. So, I also believe lots of misery can be derived from “believing” too much. It’s no different than being attached to a new car, a person, an idea that just isn’t working, or an abusive individual. So, with most things I’ve been working to not believe and instead find things curious. The more I “believe” it seems the less I flow. It also seems the more I believe the less I can ever really understand something. Because, I get caught up in my limited understanding and in the end limit that which I believe. WHEW… I do believe however we are all here to participate in the “UNI-VERSE”. I believe all of us have an opportunity to play our note and make ourselves part of this symphony called life.

Consider life and all of it’s splendor and all of it’s sadness too and how it works in such harmony. Do you think your existence is somehow not a part of that perfect system, that splendor? Are you working under the belief that somehow you were never a part of that symphony?

No doubt life can be super challenging at times. I’ve been through the ringer more times in the last decade than I ever could have imagined but through it all I think of something a friend once told me. He said, “yeah… everybody wants to be polished, nobody wants to be tumbled”.

What is the note you were meant to play? Not the note you should have played 20 years ago or last month or when you were 8. What is the note you were meant to play in this life? Maybe you already played it and are enjoying the benefits of that contribution. Could you teach someone else how to play it one more time? Where is it you are positioned in life to perform?

The note is only a note when it plays with the symphony. The note is for you and therefore for “us” to enjoy… AND secondly you never got a vote on admission to the symphony and there is no way you can drop out. SO WHAT IS YOUR NOTE?

I LOVE YOU ALL! (how is that for playing large and without limits)
Stay Grateful, Stay Motivated and Play Large


Dan Nichols
Business & Life Coach
Author of Getting Unstuck & Lemonade Stand Simple
Helping Individuals and Organizations Play Large and Stay Motivated